With my motion graphics specialization, I have created a handful of animations over my four years at Champlain. Below are some of my favorites. 
This animation is one of my favorite motion graphics I have ever made. An animated music video to the song Full Moon by The Black Ghosts, this was one of the hardest animations I have ever made. I learned to do so many cool techniques, I had to learn how to 3D render in a 2D software, and I couldn't be more proud of myself and how it turned out. 
If you looked through my graphic design work this might look familiar to you. This book trailer was created entirely in Adobe After Effects, and was one of the more simple things I have done using this application. 
This was my first animation I had ever done using Adobe After Effects, a "lyric video" of sorts to an audio from one of my favorite movies, The Breakfast Club. 
Another motion graphic using an audio file, this time from Shane Dawson's series on Sociopaths. While I do not condone the behavior of Shane Dawson or any of his actions, at the time I found this audio to be interesting to use to create a moving infographic of sorts. I learned a lot while trying to visualize the data that was being presented in this clip and I am overall proud of how it turned out. 
This animation was intended to be the fictional end credits to the short film Paurosa that is presented in the film section of my portfolio. While many of the names presented did not actually assist in the filming of the short film, I wanted to created an animated end sequence that mirrored one you would see in the movies. 

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