Along with being a graduate myself (woohoo!), this past May I got the opportunity to take the graduation photos of a group of girls from The University of New Haven and Phi Sigma Sigma sisters. Each girl got photos by themselves at each location we shot at, as well as group photos in each location as well. Overall we shot around 2000 photos. From left to right pictured below: Jess, Catherine, Hellen, Gabby, and Keyri. Congrats Girls! 
The picture below was a gift from the universe. This was the only shot to come out of the champagne popping and it came out incredible. By far my favorite photo taken that day - even though my camera and I were DRENCHED in champagne! 
Charlie the Charger - and icon. Each girl got a set of photos with Charlie, both standing and sitting on the statue.
I wanted to take some artsier photos of the girls with the beautiful trees that were blooming on campus, and while the sun wasn't fully cooperating, I think these photos came out beautifully. 
I thoroughly enjoyed getting to take these photos, and through it I gained some pretty cool friends :) Congrats again girls! 

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