With the resurgence of early 2000's fashion and content becoming increasingly popular, it only felt appropriate to dedicate a photoshoot to the energy of y2k. As always, my lovely cousin Catherine Parafati (@c.parafati on instagram) was more than willing to be my model. 
Many of the props were objects we had lying around the house, such as the fluffy pen purchased from the dollar store many years ago, and the slide phone my aunt has kept in her bedside drawer since 2004. We took inspiration from the movie poster for LOL starring Miley Cyrus, and general vibes of Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. 
For anyone who is looking to create a similar vibe for their own photoshoot, I highly recommend creating or finding a playlist of music from the early 2000's to play while shooting. It definitely created a perfect environment for Catherine and I and transported us back into the y2k mindset. You can find my y2k playlist that I created for this shoot on my Spotify (Marissa Garbiel).

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