Chip Kidd Book Cover Redesign
This book redesign project proved to be a little bit of a challenge when deciding how I was going to redesign a book made by a famous graphic designer. But in the end I am really happy with the outcome. I kept the same stop and go theme that Chip Kidd originally chose for the cover, but modernized it in a way that would look good for a coffee table, and not just a children's book shelf. The content of this book is of good quality and should be on display, so that is how I designed it.
Below are mockups of the cover how it would be displayed on a book shelf, and displayed with front and back matter.
With the redesign I wanted to come up with a way to advertise the hypothetical rerelease of the new cover, and when I tried to make billboards or posters, I couldn't effectively promote a paper product on a paper advertisement. So I decided to come out with a book trailer that would highlight Chip Kidd, and the new book cover. 
Book trailer was made via Adobe After Effects.

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