This series was created for a project titled "The Metaphor Project"  where each student had to pick a metaphor that we would have to try and recreate in a series of 4 art boards. I chose to do my project on the feeling of being trapped in your own body from the perspective of someone with body dysmorphia. I personally suffer from body dysmorphia, so it was easier to try and emulate that feeling in a design rather than fabricate another. 
For the type used in the posters, I wrote a poem from my perspective of having the mental illness. Below is a screenshot of that poem from my notes. 
Each of the four art boards had to slowly progress to have no text added. The first art board had to be fully text, the second being text and a little bit of visuals, the third being mainly visuals and a little bit of text, and the final being all visuals. Through this process, we also learned whether we were more visual or verbal thinkers on a scale of 1-4. Based on my process and how I went about designing, I discovered that I was mainly a 2, a more verbal thinker. Below are the final iterations of the 4 art boards. 
The use of feminine colors on the outside of the organic shape is meant to allude to how people perceive me, and the green, muddy color on the inside is meant to be how I actually feel about myself. The organic shape is also supposed to allude to the shape of the female body. 

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