For this project, the goal was to create a typography booklet that accurately compared and contrasted two pieces of media. I chose to use the song Video Killed The Radio Star and an article by Vanity Fair titled "R.I.P Cable TV: Why Hollywood Is Slowly Killing Its Biggest Moneymaker." Both of these pieces demonstrate the progression of technology,
and the death of their predecessor. Though in a different artistic language, the message is clear: progress and
change is inevitable. 
The book starts off with each piece completely separate, juxtaposing each other by spread. The article type remains strictly in a publication layout, while the song type is experimental and loosely follows the grid.  
As the book progresses the two bodies of work combine, insinuating that though they are different languages,
the message stays the same.
Below is the full book in pdf form, a total of 24 pages, and 12 spreads.

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