Type Activism
The purpose of the Type Activism project is to create a scalable scope of work to deliver a message using only typography. I chose to use type to spark conversation about de-stigmatizing mental illness. My target audience for this project was mainly Generation X, as they are the generation that is most likely to refuse to acknowledge their struggles with mental illness. But my secondary audience is Generation Z and Millennials, as I picture this campaign being picked up and spread by youth who believe in mental health and talking about mental illness. 
The bold and contrasting color palette is meant to be eye catching and distracting so that it catches the attention of everyone who passes it. The hierarchy of the large OWN font sitting on top of "your mental illness" is supposed to be representative of just that, owning your mental illness. Mental illness is something you have, but not something
 that defines you. 
One of the main constraints of this project was that it needed to be scalable. Below are examples of this projects scalability on wheat-paste posters, tote bags, and pins. 

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